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Webowski is a full-service digital studio based in Birmingham. We’ve been designing, developing and launching fully bespoke Shopify themes and custom APPs since 2013. Our mission is to connect brands with their customers through contemporary design and innovative technologies.


A small team turning
big ideas into reality

We're passionate about creating unique, customer focused user experiences that convert visitors into repeat customers. We’re world class pixel pushers that have designed, developed and launched a variety of Shopify stores for businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors.

Custom products

Do you want to sell personalised products, customized subscriptions or have an idea for a unique customer journey? We have a proven track record of helping merchants utilise new and exciting ideas to adapt to the ever evolving landscape of eCommerce.

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APP development

The best projects start with a question; can this be done on Shopify? The answer so far has always been yes. Shopify is highly adaptable, allowing for a huge scope of possibilities. We specialise in delivering bespoke solutions to problems that regular APPs can’t solve.

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